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What You Need To Know About Purchasing And Taking Care Of Motocross Boots

by Norman Nelson

Off-road motorcycling is an immensely popular sport with avid fans all over the world. If you love trail racing and want to join a local motocross club to participate in amateur competitions, you must invest in the proper attire, including specialty boots that provide ample protection on rough terrain. In addition, your boots must be flexible yet comfortable. When you begin shopping for dirt bike boots, use the guide below to help you choose the perfect footwear and accessories.

Boot Material

While different models of motocross boots may look similar, the top-rated boots provide superior protection from your toes to your upper calf. Leading manufacturers of motocross boots use breathable, water-resistant fabrics on the upper part of the boot.

The boot material should also be heat-resistant to protect your inner calf and ankle from the hot parts of your bike. The top part of the boot should also fit snugly enough to keep sand and debris out during rides.

Height and Closure System

While you can purchase motorcycle boots in various heights, for motocross, stick to knee-high boots for maximum protection. They should include a closure system of adjustable buckles and straps that enable you to get the footwear on and off quickly.

The closure system also provides you with a way to tighten up a boot to your preference. When you are riding, the boot should fit perfectly around your calf area and not impede leg movement and control. A boot that is too tight or too lose will affect your overall performance.


In addition to purchasing a pair of boots, you will need to invest in accessories to complete your footwear. Shin guards fit over your lower thigh, knee and shin to protect you during rides. Made of heavy-duty plastic, they include closure straps and a knee guards.

Boots for dirt bike racing have reinforced toes as well as toe caps on the exterior to protect your feet. Toe caps are removable. You should keep extras in your motocross kit to replace caps that get damaged during a competition. You may also need to replace toe caps after a heavy-duty racing season.

You will need knee-high socks made of breathable fabric that can wick away moisture. Your motocross boot retailer should provide a wide selection of dirt bike socks.

If you plan to ride often, you should invest in replacement soles for your boots. After you purchase replacement soles, take them to a cobbler to have them properly installed on your boot.

You can also purchase extra buckles and straps for the closure system on your boots. You will also need a gear bag for all of your accessories.

Cleaning Supplies

While dirt bike boots are not cheap, they can last for years if you take care of them properly. After riding through trails that contain dust, mud and gravel, it is imperative to clean your boots as soon as possible.

If you let crud stay on your boots for too long, the debris will make the shoe material stiff and your feet and calves will be uncomfortable. You can use products found around the house to clean your boots.

Use a high pressure water gun to remove the top layer of caked-on mud. After the first spray, let the boots sit for a few minutes so the rest of the dirt begins to break down.

Once you have removed as much dirt as you can with the water gun, use a degreaser to clean off the remaining grime. Follow that up with scrubbing the boots with a soft brush along with a solution of mild laundry soap and water.

Do not forget to deodorize the inside of the boot with an odor eliminator. You can even use household spray odor eliminators to deodorize the inside of the boot.

For more tips on finding the right boots and how to care for them, you may want to contact a retailer that offers specialized options like gaerne boots